Ruston Ropac




Learn to sing with joy!

Ruston Ropac is now offering voice lessons for students all of ages. She provides lessons at her home in Manhattan, or can travel to provide instruction.

Ms. Ropac works to provide an engaging, safe, and fun environment to learn singing and musicianship. She is comfortable teaching a variety of styles of singing, and will work with students to discover and develop their individual voice.

In teaching, Ms. Ropac seeks to:

  • Develop the fundamentals of healthy vocal technique from the ground up, learning about every aspect of creating a healthy sound.

  • Connect the voice to the body through learning healthy vocal support.

  • Promote good musicianship, from the expression of music and text to the reading of music and rhythms.

  • Work with students with repertoire they enjoy, from classical to musical theater to popular styles of music.

  • Make learning singing fun!

To inquire about lessons, please fill out the form on the Contact page and Ms. Ropac will get back to you as soon as possible.